Story-based Filmmaking

When searching for videographer for your wedding, you are probably looking for a style that fits your personality and will help you remember your day the way you envisioned it. I believe whole-heartedly in a story-based, documentary approach that not only captures moving images set to music, but crafts a meaningful story centered around you, your friends and family, and the emotions of the day. If you can watch your film over and over and remember how you felt in those moments, I've done my job! This is why I place importance on letter readings, vows, Q&A's, family & friend speeches. It has always been my goal to make films that connect emotionally and tell your story!

Meet Kyle


Hey guys! I'm Kyle and the owner and lead videographer of Lovewell Films. I'm based in Valdosta, GA and born and raised in Leesburg, GA. I'm currently living the single entrepreneur lifestyle, and while I've prayed for a season of marriage to come personally, I'm completely content being able to give each couple more of my time and attention. I started this wedding filmmaking journey back in 2015 while being in school for Marketing. I used a few student loan checks to buy some camera gear and it began! It didn't take long to fall in love with the art of wedding filmmaking and being able to create something that couple's will cherish watching and rewatching for the rest of time. I love going into a wedding day knowing that video has the ability to capture timeless moments, as well as the ability to inspire us and to help us remember how moments in life made us feel. That's what I love most about filmmaking. It's a reminder to love deeply and cherish each passing moment. Since I shot my first wedding in 2015, I've now filmed well over 100 weddings across the southeast and always looking to meet new couples and travel to new places. Feel free to drop by, say hey, and fill out an inquiry for your day!